IS THE TIMING RIGHT To Add SELECT to Your Dealer Name?

• There have been 3 major PARADIGM SHIFTS in the 2000's.
1.  The INTERNET has enabled instantaneous price-shopping... has become an increasingly tempting alternative for ALL National Brands.. and results in non-viable margins for brick & mortar Dealers.
2.  Consumer TRUST and support has shifted from... TRUSTED National Brands to... TRUSTED Dealers.
3.  PRIVATE BRANDING is growing FOUR (4) times faster than National brands...Once considered "Junk at Cheap prices... it is now considered "the Good Stuff at the Best prices".

• Our new concept... US inventories of Ready2Brand highly engineered products... but at a fraction of the cost of National Brands.

• By cutting out the National Brand Margins... you are left with the SAME top-rated products... but with OEM costs.

• TRUSTED Dealers... By simply adding SELECT to your Dealer Name...  can instantly capitalize on this fastest-growing trend... Offer your customers better values... Maximize your margins... and Eliminate price competition.  Others are doing it...So can You.

• DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND... instead...Be the First in Your marketplace to test-the-water with this NO RISK Program.

• The above introduction is the " short summary "... what follows is an expanded summary representing the hundreds of hours of research we have done on this topic...along with more documentation and specific details regarding the Ready2Brand program and products.  Expanded explanations which we hope you will take the time to read and which follow are:

• Recent articles on the "changing" private brand marketplace

• Examples of Private brand success stories in our industry

• Advantages of Private brands

• R2B SELECT... the easiest and best program for you to implement

• Sample Select customer presentation

• Why no Buying Group programs

• 35 brands which have already employed R2B Team engineers

• Top-Rated R2B products... available to you Now

• No Risk R2B Test-the-Water...NOW

EXCERPT From PLMA (Private Label Manufacturer's Association) 2016 Results

Store brands sales climbed in the Mass channel in 2016; dollar and unit volume grew four times the rate of national brands

External link opens in new tab or window When it comes to store brands growth, the Mass Merchandisers channel was the big winner in 2016.
Tens of billions of dollars of incremental sales of private label products have flowed into all retail channels of trade and altered the competitive balance in the marketplace.
But the most powerful expansion is occurring in the Mass channel, which now accounts for one-third of all store brands sold in the country,
PLMA estimates.
Data for 2016 from Nielsen affirms the continuation of this trend.

An ongoing success story

External link opens in new tab or window The Mass channel is an ongoing store brands success story. Over the last two years alone, store brands dollar sales in the sector have increased by $4.7 billion, a gain of 10.5%; while store brands unit sales have gone up 1.2 billion for an improvement of 8%.
These latest results are especially important because overall sales for Mass are climbing at a much greater rate than in the Supermarket channel

Why YOUR RETAIL NAME plus... SELECT Should Be Part of Your Product Mix

  • The New trend is for Major brands to relent to the pressure to sell low margin Internet retailers
  • The New trend is for Major brands to Compete with their Dealers by selling direct on the internet
  • The Custom Installation Specialist’s landscape is definitely changing …the good news is that changes in consumer TRUST and selection-process has opened up a new opportunity for your security and survival … as well as maximizing sales and profits.
  • Latest marketing research shows a shift in consumer loyalty from trusted national brands (now perceived as over-priced)… to TRUSTED retailer’s private brands (now perceived as best value)… and ranging from food & vitamins to appliances & electronics.
  • In fact, current market research shows private branding is now the fastest growing product category...much faster than national brands.
  • Most consumers NOW believe it is the Good Stuff at a Lower price... TRUSTED retailers wouldn't offer Bad Stuff under their brand…. Replacing the old perception of “inferior products at cheap prices”.
  • Does your household now purchase Costco (Kirkland), Sams (Great Value), Drugstore brands, Sears (Kenmore & Craftsman), Amazon (many), NAPA (car parts), Aldi (only private), Trader Joe's or other private brands?...If so, Why?
  • Best Buy's Insignia brand is very successful and gets good reviews from consumers and testing organizations.
  • Best Buy's CEO Hubert Joly, says “It is imperative that we focus on driving sales while improving margins…. and we expect to continue expanding private brands”
External link opens in new tab or window
  • Amazon's Echo brand was an instant success... selling 10 million units (Consumers TRUST Amazon and don't need brand name validation) and Amazon announced it is launching 8 more private brands in 2017!
  • Parts Express’ Dayton brand is thriving and receives high accolades from CNET(Tops in category), Sound& Vision (product-of-the–year) …even Stereophile (Category E Recommended loudspeakers Oct. 2017). Parts Express just introduced $2000/pr towers under their new Epique “high-end” private brand, receiving Sound&Vision’s “Top Pick“ in the Sept 2017 issue.
  • Your Retail Name followed by SELECT is the easiest way to implement a proprietary product oem -priced program (as explained in a subsequent heading)
  • The Ready2Brand SELECT program is the best (perhaps only) way for you to control Products and Distribution, while maximizing Customer Values, Profit Margins….and Competitiveness…against All your competition.
  • R2B SELECT is the first proprietary program tailored specifically for "TRUSTED" Custom AV Specialists…with limited distribution products comparable to the “High End” brands….but at much lower costs.
  • Now is the best time to Evaluate and Test Market SELECT for your Business...Risk Free!

Private Branding Is NOW Re-Inventing Itself In Our CE Industry

  • Best Buy, Amazon and other retail giants aren't the only ones experimenting with and exploiting private branding.
  • SNAP AV took its recently invented EPISODE "private brand" from 0-4 warehouses and 300 plus employees in just a few short years...why?..certainly not because any consumer had ever heard of the brandname...but because the consumer's TRUST in the Installer and his recommendation transcended TRUST in competitors' brandnames.
External link opens in new tab or window
  • Due to SNAP AV's overwhelming success, distributors are NOW joining the bandwagon.
  • Catalyst AV launched its private brand speakers in 2016 and in 2017 PowerHouse Alliance and other distributors are launching and promoting their new private brands as "BETTER VALUE" alternatives, and targeting "any and all" custom installers.
  • We are experiencing another... paradigm shift... and where does that leave established,  specialists like your company?... Should you ignore this new opportunity or prepare through the best means available?
  • Our new YOUR NAME followed by SELECT program is designed to offer a unique competitive advantage for a limited distribution of established Specialists... Instead of your adding SOMEONE ELSE'S lower-priced new brand... taking it a step further through "backward vertical integration" by introducing your OWN brand...putting your business at the same level as these Distributors... rather than your installer competition.
  • In addition to limited distribution, this SELECT program offers better engineering ...product values ...product story...pricing and margins... than proprietary products from any of your Distributor competition.
  • Dramatic changes in the marketplace may call for unprecedented new considerations in your strategic planning.
  • This SELECT program is different from any program your company has thus far implemented.
  • Due to its unique nature, if you are undecided whether to... test market... this new concept please forward this website link to other members of your decision-making team for further discussion.
  • It is important for us to establish the SELECT distribution in your marketplace... your company is a perfect fit for our target company profile.
  • If the cliche..Timing is Everything...has any validity... NOW is the right time for leading edge specialists to ... test market... this new potential competitive advantage

FORBES magazine article on Evolution of The Private Brand Aug. 8, 2017

"Rather the true value of private labels today is that they simplify the selection process. The customer has already made a decision to shop with the retailer because they trust that store. So they buy the store’s private label brand because their connection with the store brand is more meaningful than their connection with an individual product brand. “The success we are seeing with private label and store-branded products is really the after effect of consumers displaying retail loyalty as opposed to brand loyalty,” The traditional stereotype of the millennial generation leads us to believe they are obsessed with brands, particularly premium brands. Yet research shows that few millennials are willing to part with the large amounts of cash that aspirational brands command. By contrast, millennials are now driving the growth of one the most humble of all “brands”—the private label, or store brand. What can we learn from private label madness? The simple answer is that many old marketing models are dead. Millennials are the savviest generation of consumers ever—they will crowd-source information on even the most benign of purchases. In this new economic world, … weaker brands may be replaced by private label.”

  • The market is changing fast...If your customers NOW consistently purchase YOUR product recommendations...confirming their TRUST in your store "brand," your business is primed and ready to implement a SELECT program.
  • Just-In-Case millennials (and others) think your premium (often unfamiliar) brands may be over-priced or unaffordable...always offer them a SELECT (lower-priced...not lower-quality) option.
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SELECT Advantages vs. National brands

  • With SELECT You and only you control the selling price vs no control of national brands.
  • With SELECT you and only you control distribution vs no control of distribution of national brands.
  • The fact that your widely distributed national brands control MAP pricing does NOTHING to separate you from your competitors which offer the same items at the same prices….The ideal addition to your product mix are superior high margin but lower cost options which your competitors can’t obtain and/or sell.
  • Purchase at costs close to those PAID by national brands...make full margins even if forced to match internet discounted national brands.
  • Customers can only make repeat purchases at your store...not at other dealers or the internet..unlike national brands.
  • SELECT should not replace all your national brands, but be allowed to seek it's level like any other brand…profitably saving the sale when price becomes an issue.
  • A SELECT option gives you an advantage over All your custom AV competitors
  • A SELECT option allows you to compete profitably with the internet
  • A SELECT option allows you to be the first in your market with special appeal to millennials.
  • Why Deny your customers the Great Values you now have an opportunity to profitably offer?
  • Don't just take our word for it.. as the cutting edge Specialist in your market..the Timing is right to At Least open-mindedly Consider and Evaluate this fastest growing category. Please read the following article:
    External link opens in new tab or window

Your Name SELECT vs A New Private Brand

  • YOUR Retail Business Name is your Valuable ESTABLISHED brand
  • SELECT added to your retail brandname rides the coattail of the brand you've already established (example: Your Name SELECT) ...or something similar like ... CHOICE... SPECIAL PURCHASE, etc.
  • No need for an expensive time-consuming new website
  • No need for any additional Local advertising or test reviews
  • Your brand reinforces SELECT ... SELECT reinforces your becomes a synergy…and projected positive consumer reviews are a bonus reinforcement.
  • Virtually no extra time, implementation or maintenance costs to launch a R2B SELECT brand.
  • SUMMIT is a good example of a specialty retailer that is now having great success implementing a SELECT program for their "discriminating" hobbyist customer base. They sell "Over 1,200 leading brands" of specialty auto parts and now in addition SUMMIT SELECT. Consider whether you would be "more cautious" purchasing a SELECT "starter, alternator, brake master cylinder or power steering pump"...or SELECT in-ceiling speakers and speakerbars from trusted audio specialists, like your team. If it can work for Summit WILL work for you. Please open the link which follows and read the "Rationale for Proprietary Summit products" to the right...then enter "select" in the Search Bar and see how many "Results" come appears many customers are CHOOSING (not forced to buy) Summit private brand products over major brands... because they TRUST Summit.
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Simple SELECT Story For Your Customers

  • Our company features some of the industry’s most highly touted brands
  • In addition, this year we have joined with other Leading AV Specialists around the country to contract with the same Design and Engineering Teams that design and co-ordinate off shore production for some of the most prestigious brands.
  • Our combined purchasing power enables us to order full truckload container quantities for best prices.
  • This allows us to purchase exceptional products at costs similar to those PAID by the major brands…and we can pass these savings on to you.
  • Therefore, our SELECT products represent some of the absolute best values…along with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
  • We wouldn’t put our name on them if we wouldn’t purchase them for ourselves.
  • If you have a target budget you may want to consider some of these items
  • Or you may want to combine some of these products with others from National brands
  • ...And this story is the absolute truth!
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Why No Buying Group Program

  • Our goal is to partner with the best alternative in each market on a limited distribution basis.
  • Not all Dealers in the group are likely to be our first choice in their market.
  • We don't want our or your destiny for the SELECT program controlled by group executive directors
  • This is about your brand not a group supported executive directors should not control your brand
  • Group brands are required to "kick-in" thousands of dollars for group events. This doesn't fit our net, net pricing model.
  • Since national brands can't compete with our product values, there would be a lot of pressure to deny R2B a group program.
  • Dealer groups offer a great opportunity for valuable marketing/financial idea sharing and we encourage dealers to join one of the better groups…but our proposition does not fit their format which is best implemented and subsidized by high margin widely distributed brands.
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R2B Team's Track Record

  • The R2B Team has decades of experience supplying the Who's Who brands in our industry.
  • Your SELECT products will be engineered by the SAME consulting engineers used by leading brands.
  • Your SELECT products will be manufactured by the SAME factories used by leading brands
  • If the brands you already buy from trust us to design, engineer and co ordinate production of their products …why shouldn’t you?

These are some of the prestigious brands which have successfully relied on our TEAM's engineering and design expertise. From boutique high end to some of the industry's largest.... We think this list says it all.

  • Acoustech
  • ADS
  • Allison Acoustics
  • Atlantic Technology
  • BIC America
  • Clements
  • Control4 (private brand program)
  • Crown International
  • Dayton (private brand program)
  • Design Acoustics
  • Dewalt (worksite charger/radio)
  • Electrovoice
  • Epique (private brand program)
  • Gateway Computer (private brand)
  • Harman International
  • Hollywood Cinema Studios
  • Home Theater Synergy
  • HSU Research

  • JBL
  • KLH
  • Klipsch
  • Legacy
  • Martin Sound
  • Microacoustics
  • Onkyo
  • Phase Research
  • Polk Audio
  • Radio Shack (Auvio)
  • RTR
  • Smarthome (private brand program)
  • Solus
  • Synergistics
  • TruAudio
  • US Navy Research
  • US Pioneer

...and Yes there are notable others

R2B Is The BEST Source For Your Products:

  • State of the art Design and Engineering
  • Limited distribution, no price competition, guaranteed high margins
  • Products superior to branded products of similar cost, best consumer values
  • No initial minimum order size to try your SELECT program
  • No on-going minimum order size
  • SELECT products shipped promptly from our US warehouse
  • Low OEM costs vs High branded mark-ups for comparable products
  • Your input is valued and you will be invited to participate on our product selection committee

SELECT Product Profile

  • Entry level SELECT products will be AT LEAST as good as the entry level products you now sell...and with a lower cost. We guarantee our well-engineered, wide dispersion, rimless entry level under $60/pair cost E65ICR in-ceiling beats anything near the cost … or $300 list…$200 minimum recommended sell price... no cross-shop.
  • The E65ICR easily beats the entry level Speakercraft, Russound, Speco, etc.
  • The SELECT engineering TEAM has selected factories and coordinated production for products including THX Ultra Certified.
  • The SELECT TEAM has developed many Top-Rated products for major brands.
  • Therefore, there is no reason SELECT Products should be limited to entry level
  • R2B can evolve into lighting, security and all smarthome categories.
  • Initial products include sharply-priced quality inwall/ceiling speakers and state-of-the-art but entry level-priced speakerbars
  • Future products will feature what our dealer network encourages us to design and build... from entry level to state-of- the-art.
  • We already sell Inwall/Ceiling speakers to high end brands. The example below is a premium “high-end” product (likely equal or maybe even better than what you now sell at a premium price under a major brand). Compare the R2B cost with the Speakercraft model. This product is immediately available to us as a SELECT future product. (Note: our entry level E65ICR uses the same wide-dispersion, limited-reflection baffle).

click on image to enlarge

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Our high margin $200-$400 retail Speakerbars have very smooth response and bass extension that easily beats:

  • Niles CSF55A ($1795)
  • Yamaha YSP-4300 ($1900)
  • Golden Ear Supersat 3 ($1000 +)
  • Definitive Technology Solo Cinema XTR (1000+)
  • Definitive Technology W Studio Soundbar ($1000+)
  • Focal Dimension soundbar ($1399)
  • Arcam Solo ($2400)
  • All Klipsch, Polk, Pioneer, Sony, Samsung ,LG, and Vizio speakerbars of any price.
  • Most of the preceeding bars roll-off above 150-200 Hz resulting in localization of the sub.
  • R2B speakerbars roll-off well below 100Hz with usefull output down to 50Hz.
  • R2B bars are also the best choice when a stand-alone (no sub) bar is required.
  • Our claims are based on Sound&Vision test reviews (copies available from us) and Frequency Response graphs at the end of our website PRODUCT section (check them out).
  • Does a SELECT program better position your company... to both survive and this rapidly changing, uncertain marketplace.. than the WORST brand you now carry.. if so, by all means replace it with SELECT.

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Take the SELECT Challenge

We'll send you several items with Prepaid Freight and we Guarantee that

  • At your cost are the BEST products you purchase in their categories
  • At a BEST VALUE Sell Price are more profitable than any comparable product you sell
  • We will give you 30 day terms and a 30 day money back guarantee including return freight

  • The ONLY way you have anything to if you don't take this no risk opportunity to sample our SELECT Program Products before our distribution is finalized for your market.
  • So don't Delay...Place your sample order Today

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