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West Coast Equity

Toll Free: 1-800-535-5081


What others are saying about West Coast Equity

Jack & Delores Sprieger||||

"Thank you for relieving us from the burden of our contract. We are free to move on with our lives."Jack & Delores Sprieger, Port Angeles, WA



Daniel Brown||||

"I was concerned about working with a company I could not visit, but from my initial contact to closing, I was impressed with the professionalism and courteous staff." - Daniel Brown, Redding, CA


Renne Pauze||||

"I really enjoyed working with your staff. They were extremely helpful in completing my transaction. They did an excellent job, especially doing business from long distance."Renne Pauze, El Paso, TX

Bonnie Moore||||

"Thank you for making it easy for me. It was not complicated and you were very courteous and helpful. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your staff."Bonnie Moore, Forth Worth, TX



Forrest Hoffman||||

"As a mortgage broker here in Las Vegas, I have many clients who need to sell their note from the place they moved from around the U.S.… West Coast Equity has shown great professionalism purchasing a great number of seller carried mortgages from across the country…"Forrest Hoffman, Las Vegas, NV


Jim Taylor||||

"You gave us the best price and great service."Jim Taylor, Mobile, AL





Al Burrono||||

"I sold many notes to West Coast Equity due to their ability to think outside the box, offer great pricing and excellent service.” - Al Burrono, Buffalo, New York



Richard Basture||||

"Thank you for doing all your hard work correcting the problems we had with our note. You really made the difference for us."Richard Basture, Pensacola, FL




Ruth Redjives||||

"Thank you for your help and patience…Brenda and her assistants made it all so smooth and easy for me."Ruth Redjives, Richfield, NY



Jerry White||||

"We sincerely appreciate the tenderness and thoughtfulness West Coast Equity exhibited in handling the note in our mother’s estate."Jerry White, Oklahoma City, OK




Edward & Laverne Lake||||

“I would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again."Edward & Laverne Lake, Jacksonville, FL



Dee Mechadis||||

"I was really pleased with the expertise in handling my contract. Your entire staff was professional and helpful."Dee Mechadis, Houston, TX




"Your staff listened and understood [our difficult position] and expedited the program to give us the cash quickly."M. M., Bothell, WA




Rose Ann Martin||||

"The West Coast Equity staff was always there for me from start to finish… They were able to overcome all of the issues and problems my buyers caused me… I was treated like a family member and feel I made special friends at West Coast Equity."Rose Ann Martin,

                                        Grants Pass, OR


P. J||||

"West Coast Equity’s staff performed in an exemplary manner. All of my transactions and communications were given priority status."J. P. Zaferis, Lancaster, PA




Linda Woods||||

"West Coast Equity has the most friendly, patient and professional staff… I would absolutely work with you again." Linda Woods, Westlake, CA




Robert Turner||||

"The speed in which your company executed the paperwork was excellent. Your staff is friendly and very helpful."Robert Turner, Cottonwood, CA




Lisa Banko||||

"The transaction went very smoothly. It was nice not to have the worry about follow up on my own transaction."Lisa Banko, Renton, WA





Dawn Jackson||||

"The entire process of selling my Trust Deed and Note was handled with great professionalism…You were very helpful and courteous."Dawn Jackson, Raleigh, NC




Raymond Willyard||||

“You were very helpful and your word is your bond which is hard to find."Raymond Willyard, Phoenix, AZ




Kelly Ruiz||||

"We were thankful for your offer on our trust deed…West Coast Equity made our exchange of our note for cash very easy."Kelly Ruiz, Crescent City, CA




Bruce Kulp||||

"…West Coast Equity was very capable and professional in handling our contract sale from beginning through closing." Bruce Kulp, Parker, AZ





"…I was pleasantly surprised at the amount paid to me. The timing was never better and will help me to get on top of my financial situation…" - R. W., Cincinnati, OH



D & J McDonald||||

"I found your efforts [purchasing] my Trust Deed to have been excellent! Your professional attitude, and smile in your voice were responsible for my note sale......You have been very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous."D.J. McDonald, Bend, OR



 In the meantime, please browse our website to see what else we offer. External link opens in new tab or windowContact us today if you have further questions about our service and product. If you have a testimonial that you would like to submit, please External link opens in new tab or windowsend us an email.