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West Coast Equity

Toll Free: 1-800-535-5081

Our Guarantee to You- Always!


West Coast Equity has 20 years of experience and honesty that you can count on. We put our guarantees in writing as a signed contract obligating our services and professionalism to you. You will receive the best value for your note or contract and you will receive your cash in the shortest time possible.

Our Guarantees to you:  

  1. You will never be pressured to sell your note.
  2. You will always receive a fair offer we can honor. Every quote we give our customers is our best price based on our understanding of the facts provided to us and our estimation of the buyer's credit and the property's current value. We inform you at the start of the conditions what our offer is based on, so you know exactly what is expected.
  3. You have the right to walk away without obligation if we are not able to close on the terms we offered. Sometimes we find that the buyer's credit or the property value is lower than required by our underwriters to maintain our offer. If we make a new offer based on the newly known credit or property value, you have the choice to either accept our new offer or walk away without any consequence.
  4. You will clearly understand all of our documents. NO small print or difficult words.
  5. You may opt out for any reason if you change your mind about selling your note or contract. All we ask is you reimburse us for our expenses we incurred assisting you.
  6. You may preview our closing documents at anytime to confirm there are no surprises
  7. We pay for all normal expenses (title, appraisal, credit, standard recording fees and all nominal expenses) except in extremely unusual circumstances. You will never pay for overnight shipping, document preparation or other surprise charges solely designed to take money out of your pocket.
  8. Your transaction will be confidential. We will never inform anyone about your transaction or the cash your received unless such disclosure is required by law.
  9. You will receive timely updates on our progress to fund your transaction. We will inform you immediately of any problem we encounter and let you know what your options are for solving the problem. You will never be put in a situation where you must have cash by a certain date and then forced to accept a new offer because of an issue we were aware of but did not address it immediately.
  10. You will always be treated fairly and honestly by our staff. You have have any problems, you may call the owner direct and speak with him a any time.
  11. If you have good borrowers, nothing will change for them except where they send their payments. Everything else remains the same.
  12. We have never had a complaint filed against us in 20 years. We promise to work hard and fairly resolve the rare instance when differences occur.


Make Certain You Are Working With Professionals  

We consistently hear two types of complaints by note sellers regarding companies advertising as note buyers. Many of these companies do not have the knowledge or ability to answer their questions quickly. This is because many "note buyers" work part time after attending a seminar advertised on late night TV. Other complaints center around companies offering a sky high price for their note then cutting their offer while hard selling (or worse) to force you to accept a greatly reduced price. See below for how to handle these companies.


Five Important Steps to Make Certain You Work With a Legitimate Company:

  1. Read all contracts carefully. Make certain you understand all contractual terms and confirm you are allowed to walk away without obligation if the note buyer reduces their initial offer. Professional note investors will give you plenty of time to read and review their documents. Avoid contracts allowing the note buyer to deduct junk "costs" such as overnight couriers, document preparation fees or credit reporting fees. These costs are covered by legitimate investors. Unethical companies use these "fees" as an excuse to lower their over inflated offer.
  2. Legitimate note investors will never use high pressure sales tactics. You are the only person who can determine if selling your note is best for you. Good companies allow you to decide when to sell your note.
  3. Professional investors will commit to funding your transaction by a specific date or you can stop the transaction without obligation.
  4. Valid note investors specialize in only purchasing seller financed loans to reach the highest level of competency and professionalism. They do not waste their time with buying lottery payments, account receivables or insurance settlements. To work in these other areas takes away valuable time and resources to that could be used to serve you instead.
  5. Companies that use initials after their name as if they are credentialed were likely educated by a fly-by-night, get-rich-quick seminar they say advertised on late night tv. They paid thousands of dollars for their "education" for courses and seminars that are scams.

Be Careful Who You Work With!

While most note investors are honest, a small number of companies give note sellers inflated quotes they have no intention of keeping. After you have signed their contract, they switch prices and offer you a much lower price, and claim you are obligated to accept their new offer under the terms of their contract. These "contracts" are usually illegal and if you come across an unethical investor call us and we can help you out of the situation. They hurt the entire industry and we will do everything possible to end their scam.


See the "External link opens in new tab or windowAbout Us" page for details on our history and achievements.