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Note Appraisal


We are frequently asked to appraise the current value of private loans.


The true market value is usually far below the current balance of the loan. Our reports provide our opinion of value given the particular circumstances surrounding the loan and current market forces.


Note appraisals are excellent tools to determine the fair market value of a note without liquidating the asset. The most common reasons we appraise notes are for:

  • Litigation or dispute resolution
  • Estate planning, distribution or taxation
  • Dissolution of marriages, partnerships or corporations
  • Valuation of retirement accounts to conform with IRS rules

Our appraisals conform to the Uniform Standards or Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Clients can request a range of reporting standards from oral reports to Restricted Use, Summary and Self-Contained Appraisal Reports.


Our fees are based on the difficulty of the assignment and extent of the report. For more information call and request to speak to Scott Arpan at 1-800-535-5081 or External link opens in new tab or windowemail him.