Physical Safety/ Security

Raw Safety believes that all employees, customers, vendors and business associates should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

Raw Safety believes that any conduct that threatens, intimidates or coerces another employee, customer, vendor or business associate will not be tolerated.

Raw Safety, led by Master John Rawlings, assists companies with empowering their employees to deal with Work Place Violence in a responsible manner.  Raw Safety teaches those that being a victim is not the right answer.   No man or woman should bear the wrath of someone else's violence.  Raw Safety empowers skills necessary for those to rise above being a victim and to be in charge of their own destiny.

Master John Rawlings certifications include but not limited to: 5th Degree Hapkido Master, 4th Degree Ju Jut Su Master, Level 2 Knife Instructor, Cane Instructor, and Advanced Tactics Instructor; Master Rawlings is a Master instructor for CQDT.