Chimney Services

The experts at Commonwealth Chimney Sweeps in Harrisburg, PA have years of experience in cleaning and installing various types of chimneys. We inspect our clients’ chimneys and offer them complete system evaluation and condition report. Our professionals also encourage our clients to follow safe burning practices to improve their chimney’s performance.

We Specialize in:

Chimney Sweeping
Removes dangerous, flammable creosote from inside the chimney

Wood stove Sales and Installation
Follows local and national building codes and standards

Chimney Caps
Lifetime warranted stainless steel and copper caps
Prevents access by rain or snow, animals, birds, leaves or other debris

Glazed Creosote Removal
Mechanical removal of the most hazardous type of creosote

Protects chimneys from rain and water damage

Advice and information about your installation and safer burning practices

System Evaluation and Condition Report
Determine chimney integrity and whether or not your particular installation and chimney system meet current safety standards

Closed-Circuit Video Inspection
To video tape areas normally hidden from view, deep inside the chimney

Masonry Repairs
Returns a deteriorating, unsafe chimney to full code-complying condition quickly and economically

Tuck pointing
Replaces missing or loose mortar in brick chimneys

Crown Repair
Prevents water penetration through the top of your chimney and saves major restoration expense

UL Listed Stainless Steel
Chimney Lining / Relining Systems gives new life to unlined or damaged chimneys that would otherwise have to be completely rebuilt from the ground up

UL Listed Heat Shield
Cerfractory Flue Sealant

Chimney Repair & Resurfacing System
Improves chimney performance
Eliminates Hazards
Listed UL2425
20 Year Warranty

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