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Our mission is to create employment and growth opportunities for the newest generation of college students who are members of the indigenous Aeta tribe so they can continue to improve their limited skills and capabilities for growing food, preserving the forest, installing water systems, and developing other environmental project initiatives that will reduce environmental and social problems associated with their ancestral lands.

Our goal is to constantly serve the Aeta communities and to work in partnership with major companies to cease deforestation and forest degradation throughout the Philippines. We strive for the common goals of creating the right opportunities for all involved in the shortest time possible.

External link opens in new tab or window Our vision starts by stopping deforestation, forest degradation, and supporting sustainable forest management, water resources conservation, preventing flooding, reducing run-off, controlling soil erosion for potential landslides, and most importantly, preserving cultures and traditions of the indigenous Aeta people.

We offer solutions for both humanity and the natural world through education, training, internships, and opportunities for building skills, capabilities, and aptitudes to encourage self-sufficiency, foster conservation and restoration, encourage sustainable management of forests, and enhance forest carbon stocks. Simply put, the forests are more important remaining asset for the Aeta people and learning to care for them is crucial.

Time Sensitive Jobs

Phone: (415) 971-1227
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Hours of Operation 

Monday to Sunday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

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