A proud history leads to new adventures…

External link opens in new tab or window External link opens in new tab or window Since 1997, Time Sensitive Jobs, based in San Francisco, California, has given both employers and job seekers opportunities for growth and has built long-term partnerships throughout the United States. The founder, Fernando Briosos, was born into poverty in the Philippines. As a young boy, he worked part-time after school to pay for tutors to improve his English, Reading, and Math. He created opportunities for himself from early childhood through to adulthood. He established his own business and went from having zero money to having four employees in three years. A determined individual, Fernando worked hard to find jobs for many that turned into careers in a variety of industries and employers. He travelled the world and met with several indigenous group from Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Amazon, and most recently, the Aeta tribe from the Philippines. Inspired by the wisdom gleaned in how own life, Fernando made a career change and decided to meet an even a greater challenge to support the indigenous Aeta people, reduce impoverishment, and begin breaking the cycle of poverty beginning in the Philippines.

Time Sensitive Jobs

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