Business Sales  

Polymer TransAction Advisors in Newbury, OH provides support from the inception of the engagement to a closing.  

Our specific Services Typically Include:

  1. A fair market evaluation to establish the target purchase price
  2. Contacting the decision maker at the potential buyer on a highly confidential basis either directly or through our affiliates
  3. Preparation of a Confidential Information Memorandum that portrays the company in a comprehensive, factual and positive manner
  4. Negotiation assistance on Letters of Intent( LOI) and definitive contracts
  5. Coordination of due diligence /Information sharing with Buyers and others

Acquisition Searches:

 PTA will

  1. Identify and perform through analyses of global and regional acquisition candidates
  2. Contact target companies directly on a confidential basis in order of priority
  3. Arrange a participate in exploratory discussions between the parties
  4. Perform or assist in business valuations a may be needed
  5. Negotiate or advice on negotiations of LOI’s and definitive purchase agreements
  6. Coordinate or assist in due diligence / business analyses as needed

Business Valuations  

Either as part of a business sale/ acquisition search engagement or as a separate engagement or as a separate engagement, PTA will provide fair market valuations of companies that emphasize their”real world” likely value to the “best buyer” under prevailing market conditions. PTA often provides expert testimony in legal proceedings. 

Joint Ventures & Other Strategic Alliances  

PTA will assist client seeking strategic partners around the world. We are experts in joint ventures, technology purchases, licensing and other forms of formal and informal partnering. We are often asked to assist our clients on confidential global searches for strategic alliance partners.  

Strategic Assessment and Planning  

We are often asked to evaluate our client’s companies to determine how we can grow shareholder value through acquisition, joint ventures, mergers, going public, recapitalization and internal growth. As part of our analyses, we always evaluate the business risks and rewards involved in any possible strategic action our client may take. 

Contact Information

Polymer TransAction Advisors, Inc.
237 Reynview Vista
Jackson Springs, North Carolina 27281

Call Us At:

Office: 440-665-8000 OR
Business Cell: 440-476-1425

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