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Tuesday and Thursday:
10:45 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.


Sunday School:
9:15 A.M.

Worship Service:
11:00 A.M.

Wednesday Bible Study:
Youth – 5:45 P.M.
Adult – 6:00 P.M.

CDs and cassettes of worship services are available. Please order from the church office by telephone or email.

About The Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Zion City

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Log cabin was raised in 1869.
The first Church was constructed in 1872 and reconstructed beginning 1888.
Brick structure was built in 1938.
Purchased this Church  and relocated to Roebuck from Zion City in 2008

A Brief Church History

Owing to the freedom of the colored people, it was thought proper to give them an opportunity to withdraw their membership from the church for the purpose of forming a separate church to be comprised of the colored persons.From the minutes of the Ruhama Baptist Church conference, December, 1865.

FROM A TWELVE-FOOT ROOM on the side of Ruhama Baptist Church, the Lord has brought The Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Zion City to 149 years. Leaving Zion City in 2008, this landmark church is now located on Roebuck Drive in Birmingham, AL, planting it only five minutes from the original grounds. God has brought us for nearly a century-and-a-half and, if it is His will, Mount Zion will continue for generations to come because there is still much work to do. God is birthing strong, dedicated servants through this ministry, true Christians who understand Gods purpose for their lives and who are determined to go all the way for Jesus.

MOUNT ZION WILL REMAIN VITAL because it continues to grow in faith, prayer, love, and service. It is following the lead of the Spirit to find creative ways to accommodate a growing desire in its community for a deeper understanding of Gods Word. This deeper understanding finds its practical application in service to our fellow man. Aiding needy families, visiting the sick and shut-in, giving honor to our heritage and elders, and many other acts of love and service are what characterize a vital, effective church family.

MOUNT ZION IS NOW 150 YEARS OLD, and God is still feeding and nurturing, pruning and purging, maturing and preparing this church for the challenges that lay ahead. We recognize that God has "laid in Zion a stone for a foundation: tried, precious, a sure foundation," and we know that foundation is Christ.

WE CANNOT FORGET what God has done in our past, and must continue to believe and trust in Him for our future. To do otherwise is to labor in vain. His word declares He is not slack to keep His promise never to leave or forsake us, not now, not ever.   

Wherever the Spirit of God leads in the years to come, Mount Zion is willing to follow.

THE CALL OF REV. ROBERT C. BEARDEN, III, adds a new name to the list of men who have served with distinction as pastor of Mount Zion. Of those pastors, one man was called twice, Rev. Dr. S. M. Hall, who had a gap of more than 30 years between his two stints as pastor. Rev. Earl Harry, Sr., is the pastor with the longest tenure in the long history of this church 31 years.

Rev. Henry Wood

Rev. W. M. Ware

Rev. R. B. Hunter

Rev. Harry Blackburn
6 months

Rev. A. C. Jackson

Rev. S. D. Sanders

Rev. P. C. Caddell

Rev. S. M. Hall

Rev. J. E. A. Wilson

Rev. F. R. Kennedy
4 months

Rev. G. R. Nash

Rev. R. N. Hall

Rev. Dr. S. M. Hall

Rev. J. M. Jordan

Rev. C. C. Welch

Rev. C. L. Vincent
Interim Pastor

Rev. J. E. Moss

Rev. W. O. DeVaughn
Interim Pastor

Rev. Dr. A. L. Bratcher

Rev. J. L. Dansby

Rev. Jerry Green
Interim Pastor

Rev. W. O. DeVaughn

Rev. Earl Harry, Sr.

Rev. Robert C. Bearden, III



Shortly before Alabama became a state, nine settlers constituted the first church in what is now the City of Birmingham. Ruhama Baptist Church (Ruhama, translated, means Mercy) began its ministry on March 27, 1819. As it grew and established itself in the settlement called Ruhama Valley (located in close proximity to the East Lake area... External link opens in new tab or windowRead more

From 2008


Led by God, Pastor Earl Harry, Sr., located the church and property at 221 Roebuck Drive in 2008, which was only five minutes away from the Zion City location. After submitting the church and property for consideration as the new location of the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Zion City, tours of the property were made by the congregation, and the purchase of the property was put before the church... External link opens in new tab or windowRead more

Learn More About Us

Mount Zion currently offers an 11A.M. Sunday worship service, Bible studies for youth and adults, youth groups, Missions and other Christian education programs. To learn more about our church or our External link opens in new tab or windowPastor and his wife, we invite you to contact us today!