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Metro Logistics, Inc.
New York, NY  

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Fax: 914-723-7775

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Consulting Services

Metro Logistics, Inc. in New York, NY can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your transportation operations to help streamline your supply chain. Through careful analysis of your freight history and an understanding of your service needs, we can develop a transportation program that achieves cost reduction and improves service. We understand how critical the success of your transportation system is to your business. We develop supply chain solutions that ensure success.

Supply Chain Consulting

  • Carrier Selection
  • Freight & Service Analysis

  • Rate Negotiation
  • RFP Development

Freight Management

  • Assembly
  • Consolidation

  • Packaging
  • Warehousing

Call for Auditing Services

If you think you are receiving unfair treatment from your logistics company, we are the team you need. Contact us today to External link opens in new tab or windowlearn more.