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Three locations to service your ice needs:


8348 HWY 83 South

Crystal City, TX 78839

External link opens in new tab or window(830) 374-5139


1706 Hunter Rd

San Marcos, TX 78666

External link opens in new tab or window(512) 353-2011


16233 FM 624

Robstown, TX 78301

External link opens in new tab or window(361) 387-2301

Toll Free:

External link opens in new tab or window888-513-7970

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We are licensed (# 1005128) by the Texas Department of State Health Food Manufacturers to supply ice for all commercial purposes. 


External link opens in new tab or windowIce cube bags||||

JL ICE manufactures a 10 lb party bag, a 20 lb party bag and a 10 lb block. All of our party ice is tube ice. Our block ice is a solid block of ice, made by filling a bag with 10 pounds of water and freezing it solid. We also provide ice merchandisers to store our ice if needed.

Profit and Benefit From JL Ice

Packaged ice has an exceptional profit margin from a selling standpoint. Only if you have it ready and convenient for your customer. JL Ice takes great pride in making sure that all of their customers have ice available to sell at all times. When a customer loses a sale due to not having ice so does JL Ice.


External link opens in new tab or windowFive delivery trucks||||

JL ICE has a fleet of five delivery trucks for normal and hot shot deliveries and two tongue pull ice trailers for smaller ice deliveries when needed. Our trucks operate 7 days a week during the warmer months and six days a week during the cooler months. JL ICE services its fleet of delivery trucks with its own in-house mechanics, and is not at the mercy of extended disrupted route schedules because of untimely repairs due to breakdowns. Our delivery schedule is dictated by our customers needs. We will customize a delivery schedule to fit your ice needs. JL ICE understands that not all ice customers have the same ice needs, some customers need ice daily, weekly or on a as needed basis. Whatever your ice needs are we are ready to take care of all your ice needs! Call us today.

How Our Ice Is Made

Our water is ran through a series of filtration systems. First the water is ran through a green
sand filtration system to remove iron, magnesium and other small impurities. Then the water
goes through a double chamber charcoal filtration system to remove all chlorine from the water.
From there the water goes through a soft water system and last is a double barrel ultra violet
light. The UV light is used to eliminate any harmful bacteria if present from the water without the
use of chlorine. The result is pure, crystal clean, fresh tasting water to make ice with. The ice is
formed by running cool, filtered water down stainless steel tubes and freezing the water from the
outside in. Since the water is frozen while in motion it produces a crystal clear tube of ice that is
cut into small pieces.