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Briarcliff Institute for Recovery and Development
Briarcliff Manor, NY

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Nice Things to Say..
Young Adult Services:

JeffMunk has been great to me, total support, very professional and supportive. I have been working with him for 8 months and I feel I havegrown alot. Have no idea where I would be without him. Originallypresented with mental health stuff and some drug abuse, but with Jeff I got into the core issues about me. Enjoy coming to BIRD. 
-Ed F. Age 23

BeforeI came to bird I did not want help, had lots of therapy and hatedit. When I walked into BIRD I felt a calming serene environment that wasnot like aninstitution. Just felt good going. My family was involved in thetreatment plan and I needed that, I gave consent. At bird I didIndividual, Family and NutrientTherapy to repair my brain which was in bad shape from smoking so muchweed. They also got me a great female Psychiatrist that could relate to me and was human. Today I feel like real strong and new, exploring otherthings, NA meetings, spirituality, can notice my brain chemistry isbetter.
-Kristen M. Age 23

Have to say that originally I did not want to go to any treatment. At BIRD I and my family worked with the team their: Scott Gillet, Jeff Munk and Peter Sonnenberg. Also tried some Nutrients. As a result of treatment I am 7 months sober and not as depressed as I was (was not even aware of my low serotonin). I am totally clean. I feelcomfortable and safe at bird. The staff has credibility with me because they have been there.
-Owen L. Age 18


Facts About BIRD

  1. We have a success rate of 65% for those fully engaged in the treatment plan and have motivation, follow through with the process, interact honestly with the staff, stay and follow direction, and build a trusting, engaged relationship with BIRD.
  2. Our environment is not like an institution or clinic, it is a comfortable, peaceful and beautiful space that clients enjoy coming to. It is safe with a private entrance where clients are assuredconfidentiality, privacy and discretion in all matters.
  3. Every client that comes to BIRD has a key into themselves. Our role as a facilitator is to find that key into you, unlocking your own potential, unlocking that door or block to your true self.
  4. We are a private pay model. All the staff are LCSW or above and50% of insurance companies reimburse for sessions at a 50 to 80% rate. You would have to check with your insurance carrier. We do not do that for you. Clients pay for services at the time of treatment. Some arebilled to a confidential email address that you provide. A waiver issigned and needed
    for this.
  5. We are on the top floor of a historic building in town with ample free parking, food and
    coffee places.
  6. External link opens in new tab or windowOur staff often works as a team. We are very fortunate to have the best clinicians for our type of environment, they are supported here at BIRD, they are provided with all the resources and supervisions to be available and present to you and your family (if part of a treatment plan). At BIRD, we work together to create an environment free of ego, judgement, shaming or manipulation. We feel an have seen that is part of the key to your success.
  7. We do not mix young people with adults in our groups and our groups are always safe. Our clients range from 14 years of ageto seniors and are both male and female.
  8. We begin with a very extensive evaluation that is an hour and a half and covers all aspects of the presenting problem. The clinician with the most experience treating your issues is given your evaluation having identified your core areas of work (e.g. trauma, mental health, abuse of drugs, anger, low self-esteem, etc.) and you work from a treatment plan with outlined goals. You will be involved with all decisions regarding your treatment plan.

Nice Things to Say   

We want to share with you some of the great things that have happened here at BIRD and the moving words of those who wished to tell you.  


I came to BIRD two years ago, hopeless, in real pain. My family life was a mess. Mostly back then I was filled with shame, depression, despair, blocked around other stuff. I met with Scott Gillet, the director for an evaluation. He came back with a treatment plan right then in that first visit and presented it to me. He was able to pinpoint the exact things that needed to be addressed and how exactly that would be done at BIRD. Took time, did Individual, group and family work while in treatment there and I will say it was work, hard work to be honest. I began to grow, to heal, to learn what my core stuff was. I could not believe I looked forward to group, developed relationships with others, went to a couple of retreats. Something magical happened at BIRD. Even my brain was treated and I believe repaired. Feeling good today, even joy!

-Bobby G.

I have had the privilege over the last decade to benefit from the program at BIRD. Under the guidance of the director Scott Gillet, the Institute has helped me make the journey from my cognitive self to my emotional and spiritual heart. A huge transformative experience for me was group. I had been to therapy before but this was a different place, a unique therapeutic model for growth. Have participated in Individual and family therapy also and retreats for men. Having Peter (the spiritual director) co lead group was a calming, cleansing and renewing, healing process around childhood traumas. Peter is a special type of person who had an energetic influence on all of us while Scott would bring the clinical, Peter would bring the spiritual. 

-Dr Edward P.

Originally I came to BIRD years ago about my brother who was a heroin addict and had other mental health stuff. The staff worked with him, but the focus shifted to me and also my wife Liz. We learned about the shame and fall out and the family of origin. Our life was about pain back then. Engaged in marital work, some group work and ended up working with the spiritual director, Peter. He is all knowing, wise a remarkable model of living in joy. With him we were given the gift of appreciation and have got to know that joy is possible with work and a path with a plan. With Scott Gillet, I now understand things about my wiring and brain that I never knew.

-Dan and Liz D.

BIRDsaved my marriage. We learned how to communicate. We did not know howto talk and manage our feelings, did Imago therapy, Intimacy exercises,Family systems therapy. A team approach was used and another cliniciangot involved also.  So many things shifted for us. We had a year inrecovery and a relapse had occurred in one of us and the marriage couldhave ended and someone’s life but the opposite happened at BIRD. They godeeper than any place we ever went to. The environment is warm, lovingand the physical space beautiful. With Peter we learned inner peace.

-Kelly D and Gerard (recovering couple with 4 years now)