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Lifelike Prosthetic Eyes

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GORRINS CLINIC in Greenville, SC is the premier provider for lifelike prosthetic eyes from the fitting stage to custom manufacture and implant. Our prosthetic and artificial eyes are made from the finest materials. Your comfort is our top priority and each eyepiece is customized to fit you exactly. We know the last thing a person with impaired vision needs to worry about is an ill-fitting prosthesis. We have the tools and experience to make sure that your prosthesis not only fits properly, but blends seamlessly into your face.

Pediatric Services  

Bringing back a smile and renewed self-esteem for a child is one of our most rewarding moments.  

Facial Restorations  

Facial Restorations are one of the specialized services offered at GORRINS CLINIC. Our purpose is to create the most life-like facial restoration possible. Each patient is assessed individually and restorations are designed and customized exclusively for the individual patient. Fabrication of each prosthesis is constructive and not for cosmetic purposes alone. The ultimate goal is to restore self-esteem and create a more normal appearance. In addition, Facial Restorations help guard against further medical complications and infection.  

The Artificial Eye  


GORRINS CLINIC has been customizing Ocular Prosthesis for over thirty years. Our main goal is to provide quality care to each of our patients. Advancements in modern technology have resulted in a greater precision of obtaining a near anatomical match to the natural eye. Our technique consists of reproducing the artificial eye the same way the natural eye reflects light. Realism is duplicated through the artistry of delicate hand painting and detailing of the iris and scleral. Additional advancements in obtaining detailed impressions have resulted in a more comfortable ocular prosthesis.  

The Scleral Shell  

Technological advancements have made it possible for treating ocular deformities. The scleral shell corrects decentralized and discolored Irises (blinded eye). Final results contribute greatly in relieving related discomfort and eye pain associated with light and air irritants. The shell is customized and precision made to fit over the non-functioning eye. Colors of the natural eye are duplicated on the scleral shell. The well-being of the patient is improved by restoring a more balanced and natural appearance.  

Insurance Information  

All major insurances are accepted. We are providers with BCBS, Medicare, Medicaid, and various other
insurance companies.  

We advocate for our patients and take active roles in obtaining pre-authorization and processing insurance claims; insurance claims are filed from our office in order to serve our patients’ needs. All major credit cards are accepted.

Get Fitted

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