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GORRINS CLINIC in Greenville, SC makes and sells prosthetic and artificial eyes to help patients with who have lost an eye or are in need of facial reconstruction. With more than 30 years of experience, we are the only company to turn to for a comfortable, perfectly fitted artificial eye.

Certified Anaplastologist  

Joseph Gorrin is a member of the AAA (American Anaplastology Association.) He received his certification from the Board of Certified Clinical Anaplastology (BCCA) and presided as president for 6 years. He received his residency training at Stanford Medical University under the direction of Dr. Walter Spohn, who founded the first Anaplastology program. The anaplastology program was a joint venture between the State of California and Stanford University Medical Center. Stanford’s anaplastology program requirements were strict and selective. Joseph Gorrin graduated in the first class of Anaplastology in 1974.  

The multidiscipline of the anaplastologist consists of the blending of art and science for the primary purpose of restoring various parts of the human anatomy. High academic standards and multi-discipline continues to be the mission of the AAA.

Specialized Individual Services

||||Before Facial Restoration
Facial Restorations - just one of the specialized services offered here at Gorrin's Clinic. We work diligently to create the most life-like facial restoration achievable.  Each one of our patients is given an individual assessment and restorations are customized and tailored exclusively for them.  The result not only restores self esteem and creates a more normal appearance, but it also helps guard against further medical complications and infection. External link opens in new tab or windowContact us to find out more about our facial restoration services. 
||||After Facial Restoration
Scleral Shell

The Scleral Shell - Technological advancements have made it possible to treat ocular deformities. The scleral shell corrects decentralized and discolored irises (blinded eye). Final results contribute greatly in relieving eye discomfort from air irritants and light.  The shell is customized and precision made to fit over the non-functioning eye.  Natural eye colors are duplicated on the shell.  Well being and self esteem are greatly improved by the balanced and natural appearance provided by the shell.  External link opens in new tab or windowContact us for more information on the scleral shell.  
Scleral Shell


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