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Superior Carpet Cleaning Methods


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At SteamRite, we are proud of our state-of-the-art cleaning system for carpets.  We have been providing the very best in carpet cleaning services for our residential and commercial clients in Madera, CA since 1998. The high powered industrial equipment we use, for all our clients, insures your carpets are as clean as they can be.


Our Carpet Cleaning Process


        • We use a powerful, truck-mounted vacuum system to extract dust particles and other objects. This is a pile lifter vacuum.
        • Then we spray our special pre-conditioner at 190 degrees or higher to loosen up grime and remove various types of stains.
        • We follow up with the RX-20, a powerful carpet cleaning machine with a rotary jet extractor that cleans even deeper than traditional methods.
        • Finally we use our high-power blowers to dry carpet; this is then followed by a complete grooming.



        Our system is backed by water at temperatures of 190 degrees or higher in order to kill bacteria, dust mites, and other germs. If necessary we offer special treatment such as red stain, pet urine, water damage, and bad odor removal.


        Protect Your Investment


        We also offer a carpet protector in order to keep stains from penetrating the carpet fibers. This will improve the life of your carpet making it look nicer and cleaner.