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Welcome to S.G. Bookkeeping Services Inc.

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Here at S.G. Bookkeeping Services Inc., we are not only genuinely interested in the success of your business; but also dedicated to providing you with a broad variety of business accounting services at a very affordable price. In working with us, you have access to all the resources of a full-service accounting provider. We have the capacity to fulfill virtually all of your accounting needs and if we can't we will connect with professionals who can.

In addition to our professionalism, we also take pride in forming close, personal relationships with clients. This isn’t just a job to us, it is a chance to form friendships and help you achieve your goals. Here, you aren’t just a customer, you are part of the family!

Helping You Grow Your Business  

We have been providing top-notch bookkeeping services to businesses within a 50-mile radius of White Plains, NY including Stamford, Yonkers, Wilton, Bronx, Manhattan, New York City and New Rochelle since 2006. We will assist you with accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and customer order processing. With more than 23 years of relevant experience, we are the people you should trust to help you grow your business.

A Few Ways to Make More Money:

  • Ensure You Stop Serving Customers who aren’t Paying Their Bills
  • Identify Profitable Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • If You Manufacture or Assemble Products (Machine Shops, Bakeries, Clothing Manufacturers, Etc.):
    • Know What It Costs to Make Each Item
    • Know What Product Lines to Drop Because They’re Money-Losers
    • Know What Product Lines to Expand Because They’re Profitable
    • Set a Selling Price to Cover Your Costs and Achieve a Fair Profit
  • Know which Money-Making Product Lines to Expand and which ones to Drop because they’re
  • Learn How Much Profit You’ve Made, and What Your Business is worth each Month in Order to:
    • Comply with the Reporting Requirements of Any Business Loan
    • Know when it’s the Right Time to Grow or to Hold Back
    • Plan Accurately for Taxes
    • Respond Immediately to Any Supplier’s or Customer’s Request for Financial Information
    • Save Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars on Your Year-End Tax Return
  • Maintain Your Good Credit Rating and Keep Your Borrowing Costs Low
  • Never Pay a Bill Twice by Mistake
  • Safeguard Good Customer Relations by Properly Recording All Payments
  • Track Late Payments to Resolve Problems Quickly
  • Track Revenues and Costs by Job or Project (Contractors, Landlords, Attorneys, Etc.) to:
    • Avoid Working on Projects where Progress Payments are behind
    • Get Paid on Time as You Complete the Job
    • Know on an Ongoing Basis Which Products are Profitable and which Ones aren’t
  • Track Your Expenses in Detail So You Know Which Ones Can Be Reduced