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Here at Altitude Home Concierge in Park City, Utah, we understand that not all visits to your home are scheduled. That is why we strive to provide you with “always ready” home care services and management. We will make your every home visit, whether last minute or planned in advance, an easy and enjoyable time for you and your family
or guests. 

We will manage all subcontract and vendor work that occurs during any of the five points of service from landscaping to scheduled maintenance.

Clients will receive one bill per month with a detail of services rendered and the associated costs. Our services and fees are based upon the unique service menu designed specifically for the homeowner.

Our menu is built upon the following points of service:

While You Are Away:

  • Regular Walk-Through
  • Immediate Personal Response to
    Security Alerts

  • Property Awareness
  • Repairs or Maintenance As Needed

Before You Arrive: 

  • Housekeeping and Linens
  • Shopping, Stock the Fridge with Your Preferred Groceries, Wine, Beer, Snacks
  • Pick Up at Airport, Delivery of Car to Airport
  • Flowers, Holiday Adornments, Other Fresh Greenery
  • Fresh Baked Goods from Your Favorite Bakery in Town

While You Are Here: 

  • Fixing Maintenance Issues
  • Restoring Property Damages
  • Scheduled Cleaning and Linen Service

After You Leave: 

  • Clean Up and Secure Home
  • Pick Up Car from Airport
  • Trash Removal

Home Maintenance: 

  • Seasonal Maintenance (Snow, Leaves, Sprinklers)
  • Larger Scheduled Maintenance (Painting, Resurfacing)
  • Maintenance as Needed (Regular Wear and Tear, Unexpected Issues)

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