Custom Wire Solutions  

For Your Parts Finishing Needs  

If you have a part to be finished but need a specific paint coating hook to do the job, come to Regal Springs Company, Columbus, OH’s most preferred wire products manufacturer specializing in custom paint coating racks and hooks. Let us help you meet your time frames with our fast and effective wire products to get your powder painting line moving.

Wire Design & Manufacturing  

When you come to Regal Springs Company, we will carefully design the finishing paint racks or hooks according to your specific needs with the goal to increase efficiency and productivity. For over 28 years, we have set the standard in designing and manufacturing customized paint racks and hooks for industrial finishing applications including powder and e-coating.   

Show Us A Sample Part – Receive A Quote!  

External link opens in new tab or windowE-Coat with our crossbar parts hang on both sides of rack||||

If you are looking for custom paint coating racks and hooks, we invite you to show us sample parts by email, fax or in person so we can implement the best design for your parts finishing needs. Just give us a call or send us a picture of your part to be finished for a free custom External link opens in new tab or windowwire fabricating estimate. We look forward to serving you!



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