Voice/Singing Lessons

Voice lessons that provide real results! Vocal study at Performance WorX will help the student to develop breath support, strength and power, resonance, broader range, projection, vocal stamina, and the ability to sing with less effort. During the literature section of the lessons, which cover all genres of music (classical, opera, jazz, gospel, contemporary Christian, R&B, pop and country, music theater), we will help you develop musicality, musical interpretation, ear-training, build self-confidence, and gain audition success. Our program begins with Broadway Babies for 5-9 year olds and is designed by increments to enhance every age level of the voice. You can select from a group class, THE WORKOUT (30 minutes weekly), or THE WORX (a full hour of vocal hijinks). Whether you sing on stage or in the shower, give it a try because you know "IT'S WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO!"

Performance WorX offers THREE TUITION FEE PLANS:  Annual Membership, Monthly with Annual Membership, & Month-to-Month.  ALL TUITION PRICES LISTED ARE THE MONTHLY PRICE FOR THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PLAN!!  Please CONTACT US for the other Fee Plan options!



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