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Merriweather’s made

All our beauty products are made in our country-warehouse based in Lagrangeville, New York. Our creams and other skin care products are made in small batches and immediately put on the shelf, for the freshest product straight to you.

We use real vegetable and nut oils and include lots of vitamin E, herbs and pure essential oils for their unique benefits. We skip all the cheap fillers and questionable ingredients that are simply unnecessary.

Our soaps are hand cut and cold processed to retain all the vitamins possible and we only use natural scents and coloring that is inherent to each product made. Every ingredient, in all of our products, is there for one reason: to benefit your glowing skin.

True to our innovative personality, we have fun product lines! Enjoy Romance, Remedy, Cocktails, Coffee Shop and Herbals.

Unique labels with a very personal touch

They come from beauty, a quirky sense of humor, and a love of family and friends. So, it was only natural to incorporate these elements into the Merriweather’s product line packaging.

The Lovely Ladies art (Romance line) is from a dear friend’s sketchbook. The Remedy Series (our “products with a purpose”) feature images from family albums; soaps are the kids, my four children, grandson and granddaughter, my Mom and grandmother. Not to mention, my husband, some aunts and other family members – all featured on various products created with a healing, soothing or special need in mind. Beautiful imagery, designs and more adorn all our other products custom drawn by my dear friend Frana and my daughter Tarren.

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