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About Us
Jacqueline Swanson, Esq.  

Jacqueline Swanson is known for her aggressive, hard-working and principled devotion to her clients. She is a passionate believer that each client deserves her best efforts, and that such honest and zealous representation contributes to a just and fair judicial system.

The Law Office of Jacqueline Swanson is dedicated to the idea that the practice of law is a noble profession, one founded on the ideal ofservice. It is the duty and privilege of an attorney to represent each client, to tell each client's story, to fight each client's fight.Mindful of the difficulties faced by a client, accused of a crime or engaged in litigation, the firm gives that client the individual encouragement, help, information and background that is needed.

Ms. Swanson is admitted to practice in the State of Maryland, New Jersey, and U.S. District Court and is a member of the following:

Maryland State Bar Association
Calvert County Bar Association
Montgomery County Bar Association
Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association
Calvert County Inns of Court
Montgomery County Inns of Court

Customer Testimonials

The firm is grateful to the many clients who have come for legal assistance and what really counts is what they have to say.

--Words from a client in Identity Theft case:

"The bottom line--you were very honest with me...never sold me any falsedreams. Any attorney can sell you a bill of goods but you were alwayshonest--that's what kept me happy. Plus, I was always prepared and knewwhat to expect. I can't thank you enough."

-- In a Possession with Intent to Distribute case, words from the client:

"I couldn't have had a better attorney."

-- In a Murder case, letter from an attorney colleague to Paul B. DeWolfe, District Public Defender:

"The result could not have been obtained except for the extraordinarily hard, dedicated and very competent work of Ms. Swanson." 

--Card from a client in an Assault with Deadly Weapon Case, and Hearing before college disciplinary board:

"Jackie, you were, and are, a lifesaver."

--Letter from parent of a juvenile client charged with Fleeing and Eluding a Uniformed Officer:

"Igreatly appreciate the time you spent with me in your office yesterdayreviewing (client's) recent history. I am confident in yourrepresentation of (client) and I personally conveyed to (attorneycolleague) his very fine choice of attorney referral."

--In a DWI subsequent offender case, remarks from the client:

"I want to thank you for all you have done for me, and for my family. I appreciate all your hard work."

--In an Assault case, note from the spouse of the client:

"Thank you so much for your counsel during a very hard time in my life. I am so happy with the outcome".

--Note from a client in a suit for Breach of Contract:

"Mom and I appreciate all you did..."

--In an Arson case, letter from the client:

"Thank you for everything you have done for me."