E-Commerce/Online Ordering

Nothing in life is free—unless there's a catch. Excel's e-commerce solution, Docu-Flow™, is the exception to this rule.

There's no need to shop around. Docu-Flow technology manages your stock for free via a personalized company store. User-friendly and custom-tailored, Docu-Flow gives you what you need when you need it in a few quick steps.

Simply select the “Docu-Flow” option and enter your company name. You will be directed to a secure log-in page where you can access your account and purchasing details. Begin browsing for necessities or wish list items. All products are listed by item number and provide consumers with important information, including:

After you have added your chosen items to your cart, review your order and make any additions or deletions. Then, check out using your store number. Verify all billing and shipping information and enter any special instructions or other pertinent information to assist in easy processing. Still have questions? Users will be granted instant access to communicate with our customer service department. You're just a click away.