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  • eTelCom provides premium Hosted PBX Services to its customers. We have the capability to provide services on either an Asterisk based or a Broadworks based platform anywhere in the United States. The choice between these two platforms are typically driven by the customers need for certain features and configurations.

  • eTelCom is registered with the FCC- FRN # 0025974080 as well as the California Public Utilities Commission, U-1480C as an authorized VOIP Provider.

  • eTelCom’s core company is Perrins Management Corporation which has been in business as a California Corporation since 1999. eTelCom has been providing VOIP services since 2013.

  • eTelCom utilizes the strengths of ProTec, (,  to assist in providing telecommunication services as required when infrastructure needs are required, such as wiring and hardware installations.

A typical “Seat” from eTelCom provides, 1 Extension, Unlimited inbound & Outbound calling in the US and Canada, one DID (Direct Inward Dial) number and one Call Path, all standard PBX features are included. The Endpoint (telephone or device is not included). We can provide programming for most any major SIP compliant brand of Endpoint.

Additional PBX features include items such as voice mail to email, Auto Attendant, Busy Lamps, Speed Dialing and hundreds of other features. Please see our Feature List and Premium Feature tabs.

Some of our extremely beneficial  features include things like Automatic Fail Over on a per device basis. (If your data service goes down your calls will automatically be routed to your pre-designated places.(i.e. voice mail, cell phones or other corporate locations). You will also have the capability to make changes to your service via your personal eTelCom Portal.