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Our Services

At East Main Dental, we know that a healthy, beautiful smile can boost your confidence and give you a sense of well-being. This is why we offer comprehensive dental care including but not limited to:

  • Whitening

  • Routine Check-Ups

  • Dentures

  • Crowns

  • Extractions

  • Fixed Bridge

  • Fillings

  • Partials dentures

  • Root Canal

  • Veneers

  • Root planning Scaling

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Initial Oral Examination

Your initial oral examination includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will also take x-rays, which includes one or more of the followings: complete x-rays series, panoramic x-ray, bite-wing x-ray series for proper diagnosis of proximal decay of posterior teeth or single Pa’s.

Denture Treatment Process

Dentures are made using your mouth as a model. First, the dentist will take an accurate impression of the upper and lower arches of your mouth. This impression is then sent to the dental laboratory.

Dentist will need several appointments to fit the denture and make proof of bite and try-in the teeth in your mouth.

After a satisfactory fit and appearance is achieved, the denture is then sent back to the laboratory for fabrication. Finally the case return back ready for insertion.


Dentists first remove the decayed tooth material, clean the affected area and apply the filling material. There are gold fillings, amalgam (silver) fillings, composite (plastic) fillings and porcelain fillings.

Root Canals

Root canal treatment saves millions of teeth each year. This treatment is necessary when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay or infection. The pulp, which is the living tissue inside the tooth, is removed in order to save the tooth. Next, the area is filled with special, medicated, dental materials, in effort to reestablish the tooth to its full function. After this procedure is done will be necessary to reinforce the tooth using core build up, post & core or cast post and finally placing a crown. Learn more.


A veneer is a thin shield of porcelain that is used to cover the front surface of the tooth. They are designed as a permanent way to change or enhance the look of stained, chipped, broken, or undesired teeth. A minimum of two appointments is often necessary to complete the procedure. Learn more.


A crown (or cap) is a tooth-shaped covering that covers entire tooth surface in order to restore its original shape and size or to improve its appearance.  Whereas a filling restores only part of a tooth, a crown can restore the structure of a much larger portion of tooth.

Although crowns can be made from several different materials, porcelain is the most popular choice because it is extremely natural looking and luminous.  Porcelain crowns are highly durable and will last for many years, but as with most dental restorations they may eventually require repair or replacement. Learn more.


Teeth whitening is safe, effective and very fast, and performed only by a dental professional. You can choose one visit procedure or take home kit. Learn more.