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Get Data Recovery Done! 

Organized in 1984, Business and Individual Technology Services, dba BITS has been focusing mostly on... 

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Get total business protection for you nonprofit

Nonprofits, small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses all demand ‘total business protection’!  Profitability recovery for your organization through COVID-19 is a decisive decision you must make in optimizing how you will do business.

BITS is a provider of custom ‘total business protection’ from industry leading manufacturers and distributors since 1981.  We provide a proven solution to redefine and establish business essentials at a price that fits your annual budget.

Business Profitability: A COVID-19 Marketplace Solution

  • Collaborating in Different Ways
  • Redefined Business Operations

NEXT-STEPS SUMMARY: Marketplace Solution

  • Implement Online Management Operations
  • Redefine Meeting Practices
  • Redefine Collaboration/Sharing of information
  • Redefine Internal Automation
  • Implement Compliances, Data Security, and Disaster Recovery

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