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Yoga is probably the most convenient form of exercise for overall fitness. If you have already tried other types of fitness programs without any long term gains, then it is time to give yoga a try. Come to our yoga center, Mantra Yoga & Pilates in Raleigh, NC for Ashtanga yoga, hot yoga and Pilates classes at different levels, 7 days a week.

Yoga for Beginners as Well as Advanced Practitioners

Yoga is an ancient discipline to attain physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Though the ultimate goal of yoga is Moksha (liberation), it also includes a set of exercises and asanas for physical fitness, which is considered to be a means of attaining spiritual goals. However, physical exercises or yogic asanas have become more popular due to their efficacy in helping the practitioner gain physical health. We offer yoga classes at different levels to suit our clients’ overall health and fitness goals.

Generally, yoga practice does not require any equipment but there are various forms of yoga that recommend the use of equipment and props for better effects. In fact, hot yoga is performed in artificially created hot and humid atmosphere for the desired effect. Similarly, there are other forms of yoga such as Ashtanga yoga and Moksha yoga for advanced practitioners. We also offer Pilates classes, which teach the practitioners the art of controlled movement for flexibility and overall fitness.

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Let us know if you have questions about Moksha yoga or hot yoga. Our expert will answer them and offer you the most suitable yoga classes. Call us for details.