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Many entrepreneurs have good ideas but may not understand specific points of key knowledge needed to move their idea forward successfully. The Smart Entrepreneur provides insights and guidance to help entrepreneurs negotiate the difficult issues that often delay or thwart success.

The Smart Entrepreneur provides realism to the process of entrepreneurship by outlining what is reasonable and what is not. How the entrepreneurial founder and leader (you!) responds to challenges can make a difference in the success of your endeavor. It is good to be realistic about entrepreneurship. If an entrepreneur is aware of how things might work, or might not work, achieving success is better understood and gained.

The focus of this book is on specific actionable activities the entrepreneur must execute to bring an idea to the fundable stage and to create a viable start-up company.

The Smart Entrepreneur is process-oriented; that is, chapters and topics are introduced in their appropriate chronological order. Additionally, the chapters/topics are designed to align activities at any point in time while minimizing the costs until early developmental risks are reduced or eliminated. By following the processes as outlined in the book, the expected eventual outcome is a robust, funded, start-up company.


  1. Ideation
  2. Due Diligence by Founders
  3. Forming an Entity for Investment
  4. Creating the Intellectual Property Portfolio
  5. Building the Marketing & Sales Plan
  6. Building the Financial Plan
  7. Opportunity Valuation
  8. Building the Business Plan
  9. Preparing for Investment and Investors
  10. Your Investor Network
  11. Early-Stage Company Operations
  12. Final Comments for Entrepreneurs
    Appendix A – Integrated Financial Statements
    Appendix B – Flow Charts for Organizational Processes
    Selected Bibliography

from the Book

I have had a yearning for many years to write a book; all along wondering what the book should say. But what book was always the question. Eventually, it became evident. With over 40 years of experience in technology and the business of starting and operating technology companies, I decided to focus on entrepreneurship and early-stage technology companies.

I have read with great interest many excellent books on technology, start-ups, business and business plans, patents, etc., and wished not to simply replicate the work of others. I needed to write something that would impact the thinking and activities of hard-working, imaginative people who have the passion to create valuable technology, products, and companies.

It finally came to me; the book I should write needed to be concise (or as concise as possible) while translating my many years of experience into actionable activities to guide aspiring entrepreneurs. My goal would be to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams in a manner that would be effective and efficient, while simultaneously maximizing the potential profitability and value of the ensuing enterprise.

The goals of this book are to help an entrepreneur:
  • Achieve his/her vision
  • Maximize his/her enterprise’s value and return on investment
  • Achieve results efficiently and preserve the equity of the founders
  • Avoid catastrophic pitfalls, and
  • Minimize stress and uncertainty inherent in the entrepreneurial processes
This book is dedicated to the many entrepreneurs of the world, who have been successful and those whose dream has eluded them for one reason or another. For the latter group, I hope they try again.

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