Part quality and productivity are heavily dependent on the skills of rotomolding operators. Raise awareness of their importance through training on key elements of the process to highlight what matters most.

Work modules conducted at the machine to help explain such keys areas as:

1. Powder Quality and Cleanliness

  • Testing powder flow and its importance on part fill and finish
  • Keeping powder clean from bin to bucket to mold

2. Mold Care

  • Taking care of parting lines – do’s and don’ts
  • Demolding difficult parts
  • The value of molds and the cost of repairs

3. Release Agent

  • Understanding the way in which release agents work
  • Proper mold preparation and application
  • Maintaining good release

4. Venting

  • Why venting is important and how much is enough
  • Choices and approaches used across the industry

5. Part Inspection

  • Key things for operators to check every part
  • Checking for good cure of parts and what it means

6. Work Flow

  • Keeping work areas organized and clean
  • Understanding rhythm and steady work flow for improved output

7. Paperwork and Work Instructions

  • Why good records matter
  • Operator input to good work instructions

Duration: 1/2 day session (approximately 3-4 hours of instruction with question and answers)

Group Size: Ideally conducted with small groups (4-6 people) for best interaction