Individuals interested in joining our Club are invited to attend general meetings and Club activities where they will meet and be introduced to our membership. Applications for membership are available from the Club Secretary. The applicant must be sponsored by two current NKC members. When the application form has been completed by the prospective member and signed by two sponsors, it is given  to the Secretary with their $15.00 membership dues. The application will be read at the first meeting that the applicant is in attendance. A second reading will take place at the second meeting that the applicant is in attendance and a vote to accept or deny the applicant’s membership will be taken. The Second Reading must be completed within 6 months or the application expires. Each applicant is asked to sign our Code of Ethics.

External link opens in new tab or windowCODE OF ETHICS

Please download the Code of Ethics from the link above and include a signed copy with your application for membership.

Newnan Kennel Club recognizes its responsibility to preserve and protect the advancement of purebred dogs and requires its members to abide by the following Code of Ethics.


  1. All members shall provide, in a humane manner, appropriate food, shelter and veterinary care consistent with the specific needs of their breed.
  2. Members will conduct themselves at all times in a sportsmanlike and courteous manner.
  3. Members will become familiar with, and abide by, all American Kennel Club rules and regulations. Suspension from American Kennel Club may be considered grounds for expulsion from the Newnan Kennel Club.
  4. Members intending to breed dogs will be familiar with the standard of that breed and will make every effort to breed to that standard
  5. A Member will not breed stock without due consideration of any hereditary defects, conformation and temperament. Good health, physical condition and quality of the stock must always be of primary concern.
  6. Members are strongly encouraged to follow the testing recommendations of their Parent Club and the External link opens in new tab or windowCanine Health Information CenteExternal link opens in new tab or windowr, also known as CHIC, a canine health database jointly sponsored by the AKC, The Canine Health Foundation, and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
  7. No member will knowingly sell any puppy or adult to any pet shop, catalog house or wholesale dealer, or to other commercial outlets for resale, or to any person who sells to the above. No member shall engage neither in the wholesaling of dogs, nor in any way aid or abet others in these activities.

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