The United Messianic Jewish Assembly will perform s'michah (ordination) based on qualified applicants that have completed the necessary schooling (or equivalent education) and experience.  Depending on your orientation and skill sets, we will offer ordination for an aspiring Ro'eh (Pastor) or Messianic Rabbi to further equip and enable you to fulfill the various ministries that Adonai has called you to.  Through the UMJA you will have our support, backing, and counsel as you minister in your community.


The UMJA Messianic Ro'eh (Pastor) and the Messianic Rabbi are equal peer level ordinations. Any difference is primarily cultural, and NOT spiritual. In Jewish culture the rabbi has completed rabbinic yeshivah, and/or has spent many years in regular discipleship under a competent rabbi.  The Messianic Rabbi should be able to fluidly read and write Biblical Hebrew.  The candidate will be tested on these important points.  One must be fluent in reading and saying the traditional Hebrew prayers and should have a grasp of Jewish history and traditional Jewish writings (i.e. Mishnah, Talmud, etc.).  A Messianic Jewish rabbi must confess to his own Jewishness (whether he was born Jewish or later converted to Judaism).  He is expected to be intimately familiar and comfortable with Jewish culture, faith and practice, deeply involved in Jewish life.  If one does not posses these skills and qualities, an application for Messianic Rabbi should not be submitted, and instead an application for Messianic Ro'eh should be considered.


Additional UMJA ordination qualifications for a Messianic Ro'eh or Rabbi:


I.  The ordination/s'michah candidate must agree with UMJA beliefs, as found on our website.


II.  The candidate must have been practicing the Messianic Jewish faith for at least three years.


III. The candidate should provide records demonstrating a satisfactory completion of an recognized Messianic Jewish yeshiva or institute of learning.  Proved equivalent experience and accomplishments may be accepted on a case by case basis, but is not guaranteed.


IV.  The candidate must provide contact information for two character witnesses.

V.  The candidate must be willing to charter the congregation, group, or ministry they oversee with the UMJA.


VI.  Ordination/s'michah will only be granted after successfully complete the UMJA interview process.


If you would like to apply for ordination/s'michah, please complete the following form. Once your application has been accepted the yearly credentials fee of $75.00 will be due.  You may also submit your yearly s'michah dues at the bottom of this page.  Submission of application for Credentials/Charters does not mean automatic acceptance by the UMJA.  An interview or interviews will be conducted by the members of the Beit Din and a evaluation of the information will be done prior to acceptance by the UMJA.


     UMJA S'michah / Ordination Application:


Messianic Roeh
Messianic Rabbi

* Required


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