Oversight of the United Messianic Jewish Assembly is conducted by the UMJA Beit Din, a group of z'kanim (elders) who have been selected based on their experience and wisdom within the Messianic community.  Our Beit Din members have much experience overseeing their own congregations, are dedicated to the vision of the UMJA, and we are dedicated to the edification of the Messianic Jewish movement.  The Beit Din will work together to plan our various UMJA events, will oversee the granting of new chartered congregations, will grant s'michah (ordination) to various qualified applicants, and will generally provide support and counsel to the Messianic community.  We thank our past Beit Din members for the season that they served the UMJA and look forward to appointing new members to our leadership in the future.  The following are our current Beit Din members.


Rabbi Yehudah MacNeil

Rabbi Yehudah MacNeil is the current President of the UMJA. 

He currently leads Messianic Jewish kehilla Kadosh L'cha in Massachusetts.


Rabbi Richard Aharon Chaimberlin

Rabbi Richard Aharon Chaimberlin is the Rabbi at Petah Tikvah in New York.
He currently serves as a UMJA Beit Din member.
Rabbi Chaimberlin began Petah Tikvah Kehilah in 1979 and in 1984 became the Rabbi of the congregation. He is a pioneer in Messianic Judaism and is a valued member of the Beit Din.


Rabbi Shmaryahu Lehtimaki

Rabbi Lehtimaki received his s'michah (ordination) as a Ro'eh from the United Messianic Jewish Assembly (UMJA) in 2015 and s'michah as a Rabbi from Y'Sharim USA/International in 2016.

Rabbi Lehtimaki is honored to be a member of the Beit Din of the UMJA.

He is also an associate member of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA).
Rabbi Lehtimaki has been happily married to his b'shert (soulmate), Lois for 39 years, they have 2 children and 12 grandchildren.  They live a Torah observant life to the glory of God and pray that their ministry will build up HaShem's kingdom to accomplish His will and purposes.

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