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Saints by Suzanne in Auburn, CA is happy to share Suzanne’s work with those around her. She loves hearing from those who appreciate her artwork and wish to share it with their family and friends. Below we’ve compiled some testimonials regarding Suzanne’s artwork for you to view. See what they have to say about her work.

“A million thanks for the Glorious painting ...It is like a lovely, Angelic Madonna. You are most gifted and I will be repeatedly grateful every time anyone sees or comments on your masterpiece.” My gratitude forever, Msgr. James Church - Retired

“I read your story and was very impressed. It is a miraculous story and it is true!” Marie Gallo

“I just viewed your paintings of Christ, Blessed Mother and Magdalena on; and they brought tears to my eyes. Deeply soulful with such joy emanating from them. For many days I have been searching online for spiritual paintings that capture this quality. Many other very nice paintings have a soul quality about them, but unfortunately also emanate sadness. And most of the ones that emanate joy, don't really have depth of soul.” Eric Munro

“Your powers of description are quite good and the story moves along quickly. It really is an enjoyable narrative, and convincing toward the end. The work is very Catholic and a good conversion story. It is quite edifying.” Fr. Joseph Illo star of the sea San Francisco, Santa Paula, CA

“Your work is Amazing!” Lia Haggerty

“This is a marvelous story of a woman's relentless pursuit of the truth of God, in a dramatic journey from darkness to the light of Christ. It is a story of Divine Providence, of the mysterious gift of grace poured into the life of a woman who early in life endured rejection and emotional abuse. She sought love in all the wrong places, and was seduced by the power of the occult. She survived a car accident that nearly claimed her and her husband’s life. She was cured miraculously of Multiple Sclerosis. Throughout the many ordeals, trials of her life, Suzanne was able to persevere in faith and came to experience the mystical touch of God, through the powerful and intimate intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. With the help of constant prayer, Suzanne today produces marvelous paintings of the Virgin Mary and the saints that have been displayed in art shows. I am certain her story of triumph would be of great inspiration to so many modern souls immersed in the darkness experienced by Suzanne.” Fr. Alvaro D., Pastor, St. Edward Church in Stockton, CA


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Suzanne’s Distinguished Clients Include:

  • Eric Munro of Living Wisdom Church, Palo Alto, CA
  • Fr. Caesar, Pastor of St. Joseph’s Church, Auburn, CA

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Saints by Suzanne in Auburn, CA offers portraits painted by an exceptional artist who is also the author of a celebrated book.

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