Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness needs people and business that understand the urgent  need to provide accurate information to men and the people who love them as well as subsidizing  free prostate screening for those men who cannot afford it.  Ideally, it will be  jazz lovers, willing volunteers, medical professionals, jazz musicians,  small businesses and large corporations who will give of their their time, their talents and resources to prevent the unnecessary suffering caused by this very treatable disease.  


Jazz4PCA™ is in concert with the following support groups:

·      Music Venues

Theatres, restaurants, supperclubs, coffeehouses, casinos, and the like, where inspirational music can be showcased for the cause.


·      Musicians

Notable virtuosos ready to entertain patrons with the purpose to inspire.


·      Non-profit organizations

Cancer societies, churches, and other NPOs positioned to serve its communities with charitable and voluntary services, along with tax benefits for all donors.