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Hinee Gourmet Coffee in Helotes, TX is  proud to share some customer feedback that we have received. Here are some of  our reviews from External link opens in new tab or windowYelp and External link opens in new tab or windowUrbanSpoon!

"Really nice staff. The owners were so friendly and welcoming. I bought my kids donuts from next door so I can enjoy my coffee and the staff had no problem! They even brought plates to make it easier for them to eat! I will definitely be coming back. I'm not a huge coffee drinker- I like lots of milk and sweet coffee, nothing too strong but they have tons of options! They even have lemonade, smoothies, frappucino, hot Chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate, and horchata!! Even food! The muffins are sooooo good! Lots if variety, everyone can find something they like!." - By Allison O.


"I really enjoyed this coffee shop! As a former barista, I have a tendency to be picky when it comes to my coffee. The barista's were friendly and knowledgeable about the product. They even hand tamp their espresso, which is unusual to find now a days. If you are a coffee lover you will enjoy this shop!" - By Olivia H.

"Fantastic Coffee! Always fun new ones to try. I'm drinking the Applewood Smoked right now. Mmmm mmmm! Also, awesome customer service and a great meeting place." - By Nikki A.

Tasty coffee and welcoming staff! A great local alternative to the sea of Starbucks locations that can be found in this area of town.” - By Justin A.

This place is fantastic and a great alternative to Starby's. I tried some delicious coconut jalapeno coffee. How cool is that? I dig places with Texas flavor that you can't get elsewhere. All in all, great stop on your way to old town Helotes. Give it a try.” - By Tricia N.

Surprisingly good espresso and baked goods.” - By Shane W. 

Hinee has some very delicious coffee treats for anyone who visits. Unfortunately, this place has no drive-through and because of that, I think it doesn't get the amount of business it deserves. I have had lattes and a yogurt with granola. Everything there was delicious and the staff is very friendly and you could tell they put a lot of focus in their caffeine laden delights. The last few times I have gone by, the place looks closed so I hope they are just on vacation but if you are in the area and are not in a rush to get off of your car and order a good drink, then Hinee is a solid choice for a great tasting coffee.” -By Adam B.

Love it! Of course, all the Hinee puns are great... but so is the coffee. My new favorite coffee spot!” - By Christina C.  

Yes, this is such a cute coffee shop with a seriously good cup a joe. The souvenirs are so funny too. I already have a discount card as I will be making the drive from SeaWorld often.
 - By Rachel S. 

Stopped off today and enjoyed a Great cup of Hinee (Coconut Jalapeno) WOW. Was it great. The new owners happened to be in and are great. Very courteous, professional and willing to discuss the new blends of coffee. Don't take my word stop by and see for yourself. Wi-Fi is available on the premises. Can't wait to go back to enjoy a great sandwich with a fantastic cup of coffee.” - By Paul C.

Amazing cup of coffee. Definitely a good change from that never changing black tar Starbucks makes. The baristas were nice and friendly and very helpful in acquainting me with the Hinee menu. Definitely going to quit Starbucks for this place!” - By Judith A. 

I love this place. It's a very nice coffee shop that is close to where I live. It's nice and quiet, so it helps me get my work done. They have many flavors you can add in your coffee, latte, frappuccino, etc. I love that mint is one of the flavors to add in it. They also have a tasty breakfast and lunch menu. And it’s all at a very good price. They also have free WiFi. I will be coming back often.” - By Chris G. 

Good beverages and it is local. Was happy with the service.” - By Anonymous

Place to chill. small and quaint...Ideal place to take your mind off work and try one of their paninis or better yet, chill out on a hot day with a blended latte...the caramel blended latte is incredible.- By Lloyd C.

Great coffee and friendly staff! “ - By Helga

Best Coffee House I have tried! Owner and Staff are wonderful. They take the time to make you feel welcome. I recommend you get your Hinee to Hinee Gourmet Coffee!!!!” - By Anonymous

Try the hot chocolate with whipped cream! It's a dream.” - By Roxanne M. 

Try the jalapeño coconut coffee sounds insane, but try it anyway!” - By Troy H.

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