Play and Learn

At Children's Preschool serving Santa Cruz, CA, children will enjoy learning math, science and reading while they play. We provide children everything they need to succeed in school including arts and literature training.

We have a large and secure yard where your kids will be able to enjoy a variety of gross motor activities such as tricycle riding, running, playing ball and climbing. Children will learn gardening and grow vegetables like carrots and tomatoes. They will also have cooking projects where they will learn to make cakes and pies with their harvest. Cooking classes will also help children understand math concepts better.

Our activity curriculum changes every month. In summer, we have a transportation theme that uses picture graphs to show how many children have been on boats, cars or bicycles, making learning math a fun activity. We also include maps in this theme, finding where we live and where we travel. For our arts classes, we save large boxes for the children to paint them. Then they learn to make buses, trains and cars out of the boxes and play with them. They will also learn about road safety in these classes.

External link opens in new tab or windowBoy playing with colorful dough Our Regular Activities Include:

  • Arts
  • Circle Times
  • Cooking Projects
  • Gardening
  • Literature
  • Motor Activities
  • Music
  • Sand and Water Play


See below for some of the testimonials provided by satisfied parents.

Safe Environment

"After being home with my twin girls for two and a half years, the time had come when I needed to go back to work. Being a new parent, I was quite nervous about letting someone else care for my children. I looked into dozens of preschools, daycares and in home care facilities. As I searched, I had the following criteria in mind:

Safety: I wanted my girls to be able to run and play in a clean, safe and secure environment.

Nutrition: I like my girls to eat healthy, whole, organic foods as much as possible.

Price: Well, let's face it; I was going back to work because we could no longer afford to live on one paycheck.  The price had to be right.

Teaching Staff: Bottom line, I needed to go on instinct and feel comfortable leaving my girls with them."

"Children's Preschool meets and exceeds my criteria. What I am most impressed by is the teaching staff; they are outstanding in every way. My kids have been attending for almost a year now, and their love of the teachers is true testimony for how caring, kind, nurturing, and respectful they are."

"I couldn't be happier with Children's Preschool; I would highly recommend it to anyone!"

- The Hughes Family

Attentive Staff

"Both of my boys attended Children's Preschool in Santa Cruz and they loved it. The staff is very attentive to the children, offering many fun and enriching activities to stimulate their growing minds. The school offers a great space for the children to play in and it is always very neat and clean. Krishanie and her team are very patient and nurturing, taking much pride in the work they do for the children. I always felt my children were in good hands when I left them with Krishanie and her staff."
- Davina Polanco

Exceptional Care

“My son Taj has been attending Children's Preschool for more than two
years, and we could not be happier with the exceptional care he receives.

Krishanie and her staff are very warm and loving towards all of the Center’s children. They embrace diversity and each child's individual learning and care needs. The staff practices a use your words, and positive discipline approach, and they model excellent behavior towards the children. My son's social skills have been directly influenced in a positive way by teachers at Children's Preschool.

My son leaves Children's Preschool each day excited by what he learned and
the experiences he had throughout the day, he is also well fed and rested.
It is never easy to leave your child in the care of another while away at
work, but with Krishanie and her staff I know my son will be expertly
cared for and have enriching experiences, we truly feel lucky to have
found Children's Preschool.”

- Janna Farmer

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