Please make an appointment to drop off deer. We are limited to the amount of deer we can take in.

Ainsworth Processing Price List

White Tail Processing
(No extra charge for tenderizing or vacuum packaging)
-Animals weighing over 80lb
-Partial Animal
-Boneless Meat
-Whole Body animals
Exotics over 80lb

Hogs (Will be done separately from Deer)
-Over 80lb
Hamburger $.50 lb plus beef
or pork

Bacon Burger and jalapeno and cheese burger

Seasoned Hamburger
Boudin Hot or Mild
Tamales (5 dozen minimum)

$1.50 per lb.
$20 per quarter
$1.50 per lb
$125 and up
$1.50 per lb.


$1.50 per lb.
$3.79 lb.
$4.59 lb.

$ .50 lb.
$5.00 lb.


All smoke sausages include pork and smoking. Does not include the processing fees.(20 lb. min. on link sausage)

Regular Sausage (20 lb. min. per flavor)
Spicy Sausage
Cajun Sausage
German sausage (and cheese extra charge)
Polish sausage
Cheese Sausage
Jalapeno Sausage
Jalapeno and Cheese
East Texas

Summer Sausage (10 lb. min.)
Jalapeno and Cheese Summer

Deer Sticks (10 lb. min.)
Jalapeno & Cheese Sticks

Pan Sausage
(Honey or Sage - min. 10 lb.)
Fresh Sausage (min. 10 lb.)
(Garlic, Italian, Bratwurst, Green Onion)

Jerky (min. 2 lb.)

$4.89 lb.

$4.89 lb.
$4.89 lb.
$4.89 lb.

$4.89 lb.
$5.29 lb
$5.19 lb.
$5.49 lb.
$4.89 lb.

$4.50 per lb.
$5.50 per lb.

$6.00 per lb.
$7.00 per lb.

$3.99 per lb.

$4.59 lb.

$9.00 per lb. wet
Deer in forest

Please Note

  • All prices are subject to change
  • Animals must be cleaned and in an ice chest with tag
  • Everything is vacuum-packed and sealed
  • Gut shot deer will not be processed
  • You can expect about 10% shrinkage for smoked linked sausage

Deer left for extended time after processing (5 working days) and notification will be charged a storage fee of $10.00 per week. After 30 days, meat becomes property of Ainsworth Meats.

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Sunday - Closed

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Accepting Venmo and cash. We also accept credit cards.

Please bring in your deer as soon as possible as we do not take anything older than 7 days, unless frozen.

Accepting Venmo and cash. We also accept credit cards.