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External link opens in new tab or windowCounseling for individuals||||Residential Habilitation

Residential habilitation services consist of an integrated array of individually-tailored services and supports furnished to eligible participants which, are designed to assist them to reside successfully in their own homes, with their families, or alternate family homes.

Habilitation services are aimed at assisting the individual to acquire, retain or improve their ability to reside as independently as possible in the community or maintain
family unity.

Services can be provided hourly or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Staff trained by Behavioral specialist who are trained in ABA, Positive Behavioral Supports, Reinforcements, and Communication Skills including Picture Exchange Communications (PECs), picture schedules, and social stories.

Developmental Therapy

Developmental therapy is the use of therapeutic intervention and positive behavioral techniques that result in measurable skill acquisition or prevent regression where documentation shows that regression is anticipated in the following areas: Self-care, Receptive and expressive language, Learning, Mobility, Self-direction, Capacity for independent living, and Economic self-sufficiency.

Adults participate in group and individual therapies in natural environments giving them the ability to function in daily life activities.

Staff trained by Developmental Specialists/Intensive Behavioral Interventionists and other up to date methods to provide the best program.

Adult Day Center


Adult Day Care is a treatment program designed to provide support to maintain functional skills, cultivate interests, and provide assistance to participants meeting ICF/MR level of care. Our goal, as a provider, is to facilitate progress and/or maintenance among our clients.

The agency encourages its participants to be active and engaged, rather than passive, by playing Wii fitness activities, X-box tournaments, foosball and air hockey tournaments.  Participants are encouraged to partake in healthy exercises through use of a wide variety of up to date gym equipment and participation in community activities including swimming, bowling, shopping, eating at the  park, and playing Frisbee golf to name a few.



Counseling is a center based program provided for individuals and groups to meet the needs of the individual or the family. Counseling, also known as psychotherapy, provides treatment by using a process of becoming aware of your own particular personality processes. It provides insight into the most inaccessible and heavily guarded aspects of your personality. 

DD Sex Offender Program
Under the Supervision of Dr. Horton


Please call the Pocatello Office at 208-232-5622 for details and class schedule.